DM500plus Enigma2 Image Pcd 7.0

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DM500plus Enigma2 Image Pcd 7.0

Mesaj   Bir Ptsi Mart 05, 2012 8:07 pm

DM500plus Enigma2 Image Pcd 7.0

DM500plus Enigma2 Image Pcd 7.0

Hi Friends,

I wish you all a very Happy New Year !

Here are the details of the latest version of the 500plus Enigma2 image.

It can be installed in flash with Dreamup - or on multiboot with Barry Allen.

If installed in flash it will have a free memory of 3.4mb. If Memory Expander is used the free memory increases to 10.0mb.
The Enigma1 feature can be installed inside this image using the plugin (attached). It takes additional flash memory of about 3mb.

Already installed plugins :-

Tuxtxt (enable/disable via Menu->Extra Setup->Tools)

Also installed new :-

Default skin - Zombi.HD1R3

More information to follow soon.

Regards, pcd. XVGUKHVJF2

Kayıt tarihi : 01/01/70

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