Dream Elite 3.0 DM7020HD 03.02.2012

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Dream Elite 3.0 DM7020HD 03.02.2012

Mesaj   Bir Ptsi Mart 05, 2012 5:47 pm

Dream Elite 3.0 DM7020HD 03.02.2012

New Update Online For Dream Elite 3.0 image to revision 009r02

Added more WIFI drivers
New drivers as of 02-02-2012
Included DMM Fix :
update dreambox hardware drivers

cxd1981(hybrid DVB-C/-T) increased max. frequency to 900Mhz, fixed ineffective 5V for active antennas after mode change

bcm4505/6 improved reception sensitivity (fixes problems with small dishes since blindscan support)

dm500hd,dm800se,dm7020hd: fixed audio volume boost on alsa playback

dm7020hd: fixed frequently "error code 0x18006" messages on bootup



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